Decision Dynamics Family of Tools


Decision Dynamics world-leading tools identify talents, measure potential and help individuals reach their full potential by stimulating learning and developing. The tools are based on more than 40 years of scientific research and focus on creating measurable results. They are used by organizations all over the world - over 100 nationalities are represented in our database and the tools have been used by more than one million satisfied users.

The tools' great impact has been achieved through a clear vision that continues to be our guiding star: They shall create engagement.

The family of tools work together and complement eachother - regardless of whether the focus is on individual persons, groups or the organization and its culture. They create synergies between assessment, selection and development. They are flexible and easily accessed on a modern platform. They provide an easy, shared and boundary-crossing language that makes it easy to understand and develop ourselves and others.

More about Decision Dynamics tools

Decision Dynamics early chose to focus on robust measuring methods and underlying pedagogic models, which have been built from more than 40 years of research and collaboration with successful organizations. One of the most important purposes has been to neutralize bias of leaders and HR and bring in research and quality in decisions and development of talents.

Decision Dynamics have chosen to work with dynamic tools developed for self-insight and development rather than classifications of personality or establishing intelligence. We plainly see it as much more useful and obviously related to creating results relevant for the organization.

We provide tools and methods that identify, bring forward and release the underlying and many times hidden potential in all human beings, in all organizations. Thus we create engagement and results for our customers. A clear value for HR investments is the goal.

Traditionally, organizations and specialists use a set of different tools for assessing, selecting and developing people. Unfortunately this means a lot of value is lost, as this approach means the use of many different tools. By focusing on the integration of one and the same tool in several different Human Resource contexts, we have made ITM (integrated talent management) a reality. The shared language creates bigger awareness and relevance in the business. We work continuously with renewal of reports, modern tools and practical solutions that will free time for both leaders and HR to focus on results - to identify and develop talents, support engagement and create systematic stability through strategic programs.