CfL 100 Year Jubilee


CfL is a large Danish membership organization, consisting of over 1000 smaller-scale and larger-scale members, and have for a long time been our tool distributor in the Danish market. This September they celebrated 100 years as an organization, with a leadership festival consisting of 100 unique events. It was a big success with over 1000 attendees for each of the three days of the festival.

Decision Dynamics were invited to contribute with a key note presentation on Decision styles, leadership pipelines and engagement. This was done in a fully-booked seminar led by professor Rikard Larsson, together with CfL’s Yvonne Duval Thomsen.

The participants got to take part of an interactive presentation, featuring an overview of the world’s largest leadership pipeline study and video clips of the different Decision styles. They also got to take part of their own StyleView™ reports and an exercise focusing on engaging and disengaging factors for individuals of different Decision styles in the workplace.

Please feel free to contact us at Decision Dynamics if you are interested in learning more about Decision styles, leadership pipeline or engagement.

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