Engaging Team


Improved team-building may turn misunderstandings and resistance into well-functioning collaborations that can make use of groups' diversities for better results and development. How can we understand and communicate with eachother in more motivating and goal-fulfilling ways? How can we disitribute tasks and help eachother to better use our respective strengths and exceed our limiting weaknesses?


Recommended tools for increasing the team's engagement

We offer two tools to help teams with their leaders and members to improve relations/peron-chemistry through understanding, respect and making use of interpersonal differences. The tools provide a panoramic view of the team and its different strengths and development areas, as well as methods for using this view as support for selection of team member and improved distribution of tasks.

  • CareerView contributes to this by mapping the team's career concepts, motives and competencies for identifying pros and cons with the team set-up and how these can be responded to through the use of development and possibly complementing selections.
  • StyleView contributes to this by an improved understanding for how members make decisions and collaborate in different situations and how this may be handled in a more engaging way, for example by adjusting work tasks for the team members' different preferences for compexity and speed.

Contact us to discuss your needs and our tool advisors will help you make the right choice! You may also continue further on your reading on the other dimensions of the Engagement Compass and how you may work with engagement for both individuals and groups.