Engaging Leadership


An engaging leadership is the kind of leadership that is focused on raising the employees' long-term engagement. This can be achieved through better "manager chemistry", by seeing, respecting, trusting and adressing the co-workers' most motivating talents. How is it possible to provide better conditions for the co-workers to more easily develop and make use of their potential in individual tasks and teamwork? How can the organizational culture be made more engaging for them with the help of more fitting evaluations and rewards?


Recommended tools for an engaging leadership

We offer two tools which among other things will help managers and co-workers to better understand themselves and others. This understanding includes different kinds of "drivers and killers", to use this self-insight in order to take bigger responsibility for one's engagement. Also communicating with others in a more engaging way due to improved mutual understanding, co-operate to achieve better group results and satisfaction and together develop a more durable organizational culture.

  • CareerView contributes to this by for example helping people discover their motivation potentials, avoid misguided development, and support more engaging communication, career planning, co-operation, evaluations and rewards
  • StyleView contributes to this by increasing understanding for the dynamic decision-making of oneself and others, how this decision-making may be adapted to better suit the demands of different situations and context and thus become more engaging, for example through suitable manager levels and tasks.

Contact us to discuss your needs and our tool advisors will help you make the right choice! You may also continue further on your reading on the other dimensions of the Engagement Compass and how you may work with engagement for both individuals and groups.