Engaging Culture


Organizations may create lasting results through maintaining mroe engaging cultures. Rather than trying to adopt a "carrot and stick" approach in order to reach higher performances in the short term, the organizational culture support the identification, development and the looking after of leaders' and co-workers' engaging talents for both improved results and renewal of individuals' energy.


Recommended tool for creating and maintaining a more engaging culture

We primarily offer CareerView, which is a tool that among other things may help the organization's managers, HR and co-workers to:

  • create more engaging talent management by assessing, selecting and developing a greater diversity of motivating competencies that will fit the jobs', teams' and the whole organization's needs better
  • focus on a more engaging performance management by evaluating performancies and potential in a more fitting way for both individual and organizational needs, as well as provide more adjusted and cost-efficient solutions
  • find which evaluation factors and rewards that drive different individuals' engagement and increase these so that they are not missing (which is the single most undermining determinent for how engaging an organizational culture is experienced).

Contact us to discuss your needs and our tool advisors will help you make the right choice! You may also continue further on your reading on the other dimensions of the Engagement Compass and how you may work with engagement for both individuals and groups.