Decision Dynamics Engagement Guide™


This guide combines two books about engaging leadership and career development. Start with the one that engages you the most and then discover the added value of the other side.

For example, if you start with the leadership side, you will learn five key steps towards greater sustainable performance. It leads to the discovery that engaging career development is the best next step to become an engaged leader. The great news is that you can do this by simply turning the Engagement Guide™ around and continue with the career side. It provides an Engagement Compass™ that will help you find your most inspiring career direction.

Once you have read both sides of this guide, you realize that it would be great for your manager and colleagues to learn both these sides too. If you happen to be a manager, would it not be great for also all of your co-workers to find out more about how they can take greater responsibility for their own engagement? You can start valuable waves of engagement throughout your organization by recommending this guide to the people around you.

We also support this Engagement Guide™ interactively here on our website. You will soon be able to:

  • buy your own Career Profile by responding to 38 questions to help you discover more of your engagement potential
  • read about and share engagement FAQs, quotes, stories, and humor
  • watch a short engagement film about this guide

You can also become certified in the CareerView™ tool that now include about half a training day on how to use this Engagament Guide™ in your own organization or in your client organizations.

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