About us


40 Years of Research and Millions of Satisfied Users

Decision Dynamics is a leading provider of solutions for leadership and talent management. We help organizations and leaders succeed in a dynamic world by making smarter people decisions, resulting in greater engagement and superior performance.

Our scientific approach is built on more than 40 years of validated research and practical use in organizations. Our clients have used our products to assess, select and develop millions of managers and employees around the world.

Built to serve you

Decision Dynamics was founded by two industrial and organizational psychologists from Princeton and Yale Universities. The company was soon taken on by demanding and development-intensive clients such as NASA, the Aerospace Corporation, and Rockwell. Our research and development efforts continues in Decision Dynamics Research and are aimed at advancing the state of art in assessment methods and technologies. Meanwhile, you benefit from having immediate access to the very latest, fully developed tools and methods in our portfolio adapted for providing practical usage, measurable results and rapid impact of today's demanding workplace. We are represented by:

  • Decision Dynamics Certified Support Centers, which provide certification training, subscriptions to tools, technical and conceptual support, and support to clients in their application of the tools. Local representatives.
  • Decision Dynamics global network of certified, coaches, consultants and collaborators who use our tools as part of their line-ups.
  • Decision Dynamics Certified Consultants/Competence Alliance™ is a network of more than 500 consultants in over 20 countries who utilize our tools as part of what they offer to the market.
  • Decision Dynamics Research is carrying on the research and development work that forms the foundation of everything that we provide to the market.

Strategic Partnership with IBM Smarter Workforce

Decision Dynamics are partners with IBM Smarter Workforce. Together we want to enable organizations to reinvent how they work. We thereby strengthen our offering with world leading engagement survey solutions and smart technical solutions for modern HR and business development. The integration of IBM’s solutions for Social Business Tools and Data Analytics, together with a unique platform for integrated talent management and many years of behavioral science experience, makes our offering stronger. We want to enable our clients to replace guesswork with precision and view trends in real time. To create a smarter and more dynamic workforce!